A Romantic/Poetic Realist with a Burst of Color.

“There’s nothing more beautiful and yet more complex than the human figure.” – Annette Alessi

Choose fine art from an American, award winning major fine artist, Annette Alessi, from the Brandywine Valley. Browse her website under original art to choose from many original oils and pastels for your collection. Her private collections throughout the country include portraiture, landscapes, and more. Commission the artist to do a children’s portrait, the artist’s specialty, or a landscape. Read about the published artist on her about page and see gallery representation under resume where you can purchase the artist’s work. The artist also welcomes you to contact her personally to visit the studio by appointment. See art lessons for the many art class options to fit your schedule. See price ranges and more details about purchasing art on the contact page.

“Art is the Passion of the Heart. It’s the job of the artist to open the heart of another. This is a gift from God to whom I am thankful.”- Annette Alessi