“Serenity”- Private Collection, The Tucker Family

I found the painting Serenity in a little boutique roughly 2 years ago while strolling the streets of West Chester. It was a chilly January day and I had just left a baby shower and had some time to stroll alone. The baby shower provided a much needed break in my daily routine and allowed me to talk with other adult women. Women who understood the demands of motherhood and women who defined balance and wisdom. 

As a mother of two young children, time is and was limited. I walked into the shop and I noticed the beautiful energy of the space and looked up and recognized the beautiful painting. The little flower emerging from the pond of Lilly pads instantly spoke to me. The painting was captivating, calming and peaceful to look at. For me, it represented a youth and adulthood all at the same time. It was if this little flower was trying to emerge among the chaos around it, wanting and fighting for a space to shine! It was as if the flower was quietly yelling, “I have light” and I can do this- whatever “this” is. 
I felt myself tear up and knew instantly that my soul needed this inspiration in our home. I bought the piece right then and there.
Serenity sits beautifully on a wall in our busy home. It stops me throughout my routine filled day to remind me that I can do “this” thing called life- even as my role as a mother, wife, friend, daughter, teacher, woman, keeps emerging and evolving from the chaos or calm – Serenity reminds me that all is well and as long as I keep growing, much like the flower in the painting, wisdom awaits.”- Erica Tucker, 2017

This wonderful story by Erica is what the true meaning of being an artist is all about!  Completely heartfelt!  Thank you Erica for sharing your wonderful story!!  -Annette Alessi

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