Pastel Painting of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, by Annette Pozzuolo, 1985

Sacred HeartThis painting is a piece that I painted in 1985 of the “Sacred Heart”! You ask, what it the Sacred Heart? Have you ever loved someone so much that you would do Anything for them? Anything? Well, that’s just what the image represents, Pure Love, to the point of death. It symbolizes the pierced heart of Jesus in sadness for our separation from Him.

My grandfather asked me to paint this when I was in college back in 1985, while living with my grandparents. It was done in pastels, my most used medium in the 30 years of doing art. Oh and by the way it is signed Annette Pozzuolo which is who I was in 1985! I found it while cleaning out my studio just recently! Such great memories in those days! I am glad to have the married name of Alessi now! So much easier to spell!

What’s ironic about this piece of art is that I happen to be inspired to share it today which is the first day of Lent- Ash Wednesday. If your not familiar with what Lent is, well, it’s about the passion and death of Jesus, leading up to the very well known holiday of Easter, when Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. Lent is a time to helps us to create change and go in a new direction in our lives. It’s a time to create something new within ourselves, and around us.

I know I need to make change in my life, and whatever it is, I hope it will create something new within myself so that I can make that change around me and share it with you! I never know what will unfold with the arts, since it is a journey always taking many turns with many surprises! If you keep up with my posts on social media and my blogs, maybe you can take the journey with me and be a part of that change, too! I KNOW it has a happy destination!

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