Paint Along- Spring 3/30/17- 5/11/17- “Orange Tulip”

IMG_15604 27/17. Begin by working from the back petal to front.  Do one petal at a time. Start by covering the whole petal with lemon yellow.  Make sure to use a filbert brush to create your edges of the petal so it cleanly overlaps the background.  Then use a bristle brush with cadmium red and stroke the brush from top to bottom over the petal.  You will see the colors blend and turn into the orange.  Let the brushes bristles create the ridges in the petal and follow the movement of the petal.



As you can see the second petal has been created.  At the base of the petal it appears to be like a green color.  Mix cobalt blue with white and skim the color over the yellow from the base up, with an angular brush.  As the color blends on the canvas it will create the green you are looking for.

See the videos for this painting.


5/4/17. Add the folds to your petals adding white to the orange mixture for the highlight, and rose and colbalt (very little) to the orange mixture for the shadow.

Next add the third petal using the same technique as for the others. Remember to follow the grain of the petal.

Here is a closes up of the space between the petals. As you can see, each petal has a dark on its edge up against the yellow in the petal to form the edges so the petals. This shot could be a painting in itself!

Continue with the forth petal. You may need to go back in and overlap the third petals edge once more after adding the forth to fine tune the edge. For shadows, add rose and cobalt to the orange mix.

Here’s a closeup so you can see the shadows.  

5/11/17. Continue adding in the 5th petal.  Using the same colors and techniques as in the last class.  In the center of the flower, I added a light stroke of cobalt mixed with white just for added interest.  Then I added sap green mixed with yellow for the lighter green area of the center.

For the dark in the center I used French ultramarine with a little sap green to create the dark part of the center.  

And here I added burnt sienna with purple for the little buds. I added little highlights to them as well.  Then added the lime greeen center.  I used sap, yellow and white for that color. Then lastly add the white tip in the center.  Use white with cad yellow to create the off white tip.  I would suggest doing this part when the painting is dry.  See that in the next photo.

Here is my completed demo. After sitting with it for a while, I may add something to enhance more, or maybe not.  We’ll see!  

Hope you enjoyed this session!  Join us during the next Paint Along Session in September!  We will be taking the summer off for vacations!  The next Paint Along session begins 9/7/17.  See you then!!

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